Soundiron – Mimi Page Light and Shadow (KONTAKT)

Mimi Page Light & Shadow is the perfect hybrid of soft, angelic female solo vocals and magnificent atmospheric atmospheric sound design with a hint of soprano singer-songwriter Mimi Page. This collection, created for composers and sound engineers of films and games, includes a full range of color articulations, melodic phrases and elegantly designed cinematic effects, stages and atmospheric elements. The main vocal content is reproduced intuitively, and phrases and effects are easy to use in any project, which makes this library an ideal source of inspiration, which is ideal for almost any music or video production that appears in your way. All this is combined into a complete, effective and deeply developed set of tools,

Mimi’s otherworldly vocal style effortlessly combines ambient, dream, EDM and cinematic vocal style. This library includes 4413 samples exploring the two extremes of her creative style: Light and Shadow. The chromatic content includes the stable, staccato and true legato chromatic articulation for the vowels Ah, E, Mm and Oo. It also includes 1295 live tempo-syncing melodic phrases conveniently organized by mood, tonality, and tempo. This library goes far beyond the “norm” with an expanded collection of Mimi’s hand-crafted atmospheric audio content created by Mimi herself, divided into angelic, mystical, ghostly and horrible sections that are perfect for adding dreamy soundscapes and otherworldly underscores.

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