MIDIssonance – Omnisphere Movado (OMNISPHERE)

Omnisphere Movado is a set of sounds for the powerful Spectrasonics Omnis synthesizer 2, containing 128 cinematic patches. Omnisphere Movado is all about rhythm, drive and movement. Like Kinejo, Movado uses a “hybrid” approach – patches are developed with both Omnisphere sound sources and 30 new unique synthesizer sound sources, carefully recorded and processed for use in the powerful Omnisphere engine.

Soundset is comprised of 128 rhythmic patches:

• 32 Arps
• 32 Basslines
• 32 Sequences
• 32 Percussive

To use Omnisphere Movado, you need to have v2.3.1 installed (patch and software version). To install it, open Omnisphere 2 and from the Utility menu choose Install .omnisphere.

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