Plughugger – Elektroniq (OMNISPHERE)

Elektroniq is the seventh set in our series of sound sets for Omnisphere 2 we take a synthesizer, record its most important aspects, and recreate its characteristics in Omnisphere.

The set concept is based on analog sounds taken from the Elektron Analog Rytm Dual VCO analog synthesizer mechanism, but with a twist. Instead of just recording sounds and oscillators in Omnisphere, we first let the sounds go through one of the coolest hardware samplers of the 1990s: Ensoniq EPS 16+.

Elektroniq contains 222 sounds in the following categories:

• 49 Arpeggios / Sequences
• 15 Drum / Percussion
• 14 Robotic Voices
• 21 Pads / Synth strings
• 30 Bass sounds
• 30 Synth sounds
• 13 Textures and soundscapes
• 50 Multi sounds

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