Puremagnetik – Pastfabric 1.0.1 VST, AU macOS, 1.0.2 VST WIN x64

Pastfabric is a micro-splicing machine that works in real time with what you put in your buffer. He was inspired by granular microsound (such as the work of Curtis Rhodes) and experimental tape gluing techniques. Pastfabric takes signals from both the analog and digital realms to fill your sound with everything from a nostalgic glitch to a flickering atmosphere.

Micro splicing

Pastfabric writes real-time incoming audio to a 10 s buffer. The Past control sets the scan length. Then he pulls out the compounds – somewhat randomly – based on the selected “factor of the past.” The movement controls how often the welder pulls new content. With Duration and Length, each connection can be temporarily compressed / expanded, shredded, malfunctioned, or maintained in a blurry environment.

Effects and

Splicing Fabric can be directed through the effects of spatial diffusion and analog aging. Haze is a blur effect that scatters the spatial source of the slices. The fabric adds analog aging to the joints, making them wow and flutter, snapping, popping and saturating.

Between micro-memory splicing and effects, Pastfabric can turn very simple sound input into complex repeating patterns, modulation, beautiful surroundings, and more.

• Microsound inspired time splicing
• Granular control of splicing effects
• Diffusion and analog deterioration effect
• Integrates into any VST / Audio Units compatible host
• Includes a collection of factory presets

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