Soniccouture – Electro-Acoustic v1.3.0 (KONTAKT)

We wanted to combine classical drum machines (15 pcs.) With the organic atmosphere and the warmth of studio-recorded drums. We recorded them through high-end microphones, vintage consoles, pre-amps, bass amps. Each drum was recorded through 11 different channels in the studio, which you can mix to get any drum sound you want.


Each drum was recorded through 11 different channels in the studio – blend to create any drum sound you desire.
1073: An overdriven Neve preamp.
Valve: Rooster preamp with ‘attitude’ dialled in
Amp: Ampeg bass cabinet mic’d up
EMI: TG12345 desk compressor
Room 1: SOTA studio – stereo SF-24 mic
Room 2: MV studio – spaced KM84 pair
Kit Res: Tom drums mic ‘d up
Rattle: Drum shell + other acoustic artifacts
PA: High, Mid and Low mics. Hi + Mid are stereo.


• Five round-robin layers for natural analogue variation
• Seperate Accents
• Original control knobs such as Decay, Tuning, Tone, faithfully recreated
• 808 Bass Drum: DECAY + TONE knobs x 11 studio channels: 13,310 samples.
• 87,000 samples in total
• Electro-Acoustic can be as simple or complex as you like.
• Mix each drums’ 11 studio channels intuitively ..
• or go deeper and shape each one with tuning, envelopes and filters.

Features + Specs

• 15 Vintage drum machines
• 11 Studio channels: mics, preamps PA speakers
• 3 creative sequencers: Euclidean Beats, Beat Shifter, Poly Beats
• Build your own hybrid drum kits, eg: 808 + 606 + Linn + DMX
• 180 + Preset Kits
• 24 Bit 48 khz Sampling – 14GB core library (with NCW compression)
• Kontakt Player + NKS compatible

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