Soniccouture – Haunted Spaces v1.2.0 (KONTAKT)

The idea that certain places from past events have a certain meaning in the present, familiar to all of us. Well-known recording engineer Chris Watson spent years collecting audio from such places for one of his personal projects.
Ancient temples, ice lagoons, military bases, abandoned silver mines, power plants, cathedrals, canyons, underwater tunnels, desert art galleries and Maori funeral caves – all this in this unique collection of records.

Main panel: (XY CONTROL CUBE \ 4 WAVEFORM ELEMENTS \ PITCH, ENVELOPE, FILTER, LFO CONTROLS). The heart of Haunted Spaces is the Cube control, a 4-point vector controller that allows you to create complex movements between 4 different waveforms of your choice. Cube can be fully animated, and the pace of the movement is synchronized with your DAW. Each of the four waveforms can have independent settings for the filter, envelope, pitch, and LFO.

Library of Presets: Haunted Spaces has a huge library of over 400 presets created by a team of incredible sound engineers. The base sample library contains 128 original Chris Watson field recordings, combined with hundreds of custom synthetic, acoustic, and percussion waveforms mixed with the atmosphere. A significant portion of the samples include special versions of Soniccouture’s Novachord, Array Mbira, Bowed Piano, ebow Guitar and many others. There is a two-way randomizer with which you can mix presets and get a huge amount of new atmospheres.

Recorded Sites: Chris Watson has compiled recordings for Haunted Spaces from around the world. Many places are visualized, as can be seen from this collection of photographs.

XY Vector Controller: Haunted Spaces is based on the four-point XY vector controller. This allows you to move between 4 different waveforms, each with its own synthesis setup. Cube can be fully automated, all movements are recorded and synchronized with the pace of the DAW.

Add via library manager.

• Cube Control: Vector synthesis interface
• Soniccouture Jammer – Generative Arpeggiator
• Modular Insert FX chain
• Space: custom convolution effect library

• 128 original Chris Watson recordings
• 189 original Soniccouture sample sets, including Ondioline, Novachord, Bowed Piano and many custom sounds
• 440 preset snapshots. Sound Designers: Ian Boddy, Andy Wheddon, Soren Lemmike, EXM, Tobias Menguser, James Thompson, Dan Powell
• 8GB Library

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