Splice Sounds – Motown Strings with the Splice String Quartet (WAV)

We like classic Motown 60 records ‘s and 70s, which combine sliding orchestral arrangements with the sweet, rich voices of souls and R & Bs such as Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield and Chi-Lites. When the strings enter, they can circle, swim or serenade. They can pinch, tiptoe or stagger. But they always played as one, creating a melancholy or hopeful backdrop for these velveteen vocals.

The musicians who supplied these strings were often borrowed from classrooms and orchestral pits known only among other musicians, their anonymous instruments providing soul forests for some of the greatest songs of all time.

Motown Strings is our respect for the delicate string arrangements on these classic soul records and players. We put together the Splice string quartet and adopted some tunes, back lines, waves and other arrangements suitable for this smooth R&B and saccharin soul. Magnifiers and one-shots of strings that sparkle, whisper, walk and yell. Ideal for anything related to soul, R & B or simple emotions.

• 88 LOOPS

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