AngelicVibes – Elite Pianist 1.0.1 VSTi, VSTi3, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64

AngelicVibes Elite Pianist – affordable and simple VST-piano for producers and beatmakers. The developers say that the sound of the plugin is an authoring, not an emulation of real instruments.

Studio AngelicVibes released the new virtual piano AngelicVibes Elite Pianist. Unlike most other similar VST plugins, Elite Pianist is a unique development, not an emulation of any real tool. According to the creators, the main feature of the VST-piano is ease of use.

The “elite” virtual pianist was created specifically for producers, beatmakers and composers who want to get a quick result, rather than twist the knobs for hours and set the position of the microphones. VST-plugin is a romler with 2 GB of sounds and simple controls. Despite this, a set of sounds will allow you to find the right piano for music of different genres.

The composition of Elite Pianist includes 50 presets with the possibility of additional customization. So users can more fine-tune the layers of String, Rhodes and Vinyl, changing the overall sound of the instrument. In addition to this, the plug-in provides control of the attack and decline of the signal, as well as the effects of tremolo and filtering.

• 50 Presets.
• String Layer.
• Rhodes Layer.
• Lowpass Filter.
• Vinyl Later.
• Attack.
• Release.
• Tremolo Effect.

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