Memorymoon – ME80 2.4 VSTi x64

This is a synthesizer for people who like to play for hours. The ME80 is a classic analog synthesizer emulating an analog Yamaha CS80 + additional features.
The tool was developed by Gunnar Ekornes, Max Fazio and Georges Poropat for 2 years. Max Fazio has done a lot of research on available data and expired patents. He discussed every detail of the synthesizer with Max, and he was the driving force in this project. In many parts of the synthesizer, we followed only its instructions. Georges Poropat is the owner of the CS80. He provided all the sound files we asked for, and how Max consulted about all parts of the synthesizer. Max and Georges did all this work for free because they wanted to see how it would be realized: to save it digitally and to make available a special gaming experience for more people. Version 2.0 is completely rebuilt and transcoded by Chris Kerry and uses CK_engine. Synthesizer Presets made by Max Fazio

The ME80 is a classic anologsynth. In addition to the features on a Yamaha CS80 the ME80 will give you:
Patch memory for 128 patches.
Group presets for each synthline and equalizer.
You can select highpass / lowpass for each filer.
You can change the sine wave into a triangle with adjustable harmonics.
You can change the square wave into a saw.
The saw can be made double with adjustable detuning.
Delay and reverb
EQ page with 2 graphic equalizers and distortion section between the equalizers.
Selectable mono, 8, 12, 16 and 24 voice polypony, and selectable 0-8 voices unison with detune knob.
Drift page with sliders for random tuning of each voicecards every time you hit a note and LFO for slow drift movements.

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