SESSION GUITARIST – STRUMMED ACOUSTIC – a pattern-based guitar library. The 1973 Martin D-35 vintage guitar was sampled.
Thanks to careful selection and placement of microphones, excellent room acoustics and high-quality sound equipment, no additional signal processing was required.

You’ll find that the sound of the STRUMMED ACOUSTIC fits perfectly into almost any mix. Patterns can be selected via the shift keys, and the chords themselves can be pressed on the MIDI keyboard. Playback is always in sync with the pace of the project in the host. Of the sound options STRUMMED ACOUSTIC can note the stereo mode, doubling mode (doubling), as well as the ability in real time to mix low and high frets.

The STRUMMED ACOUSTIC library includes 102 patterns that were performed live by professional studio guitarist Florian Koerber. Additionally, STRUMMED ACOUSTIC includes 31 songs, each of which represents a group of several suitable and related patterns.

Nevertheless, the main thing in STRUMMED ACOUSTIC is its revolutionary engine: you can easily switch between different patterns, creating coherent musical performances and change the dynamics in real time.

Unlike most pattern libraries, the number of chord types available is virtually infinite. Since all the nuances of the original performance, such as the meter and dynamics are preserved, you will notice that the instrument seems natural and organic.

Finally, but not least, the engine does not use traditional time stratching, but is based on a much more sophisticated technology and records in several tempo values. As a result, all integrated patterns can be played in a huge range of tempo values ​​with outstanding sound quality.

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