Orchestral Tools – Metropolis Ark 3 v1.1 UPDATE ONLY (KONTAKT)

Metropolis Ark 3 : The Beating Orchestra is the third part of our epic orchestra series. But is it percussion? Or is it an orchestra?

In fact, both of them are merged into one innovative whole: a percussion band.

The roar of giant machines pales in comparison to these huge sets of Taiko ensembles and drums. Where other percussion libraries draw the line, we take things to the next level with a colossal percussion orchestra.

Metropolis Ark 3 is the perfect orchestral machine.

It combines a massive rhythmic orchestra with the loudest percussion instruments we have ever recorded.

All this allows you to use the combined power of the orchestra and percussion to program rich, complex rhythmic patterns and gestures. The recorded articulations are designed so that the two parts fit perfectly together. And the unsurpassed sequence of articulations means that you can effortlessly play all the instruments together for instant rhythmic inspiration.

Three trucks with percussion instruments and 111 musicians were used to create the Metropolis Ark 3.

• High Strings
• Low Strings
• String Quintet
• Trumpet Ens
• Horn Ens
• Low Brass Ens
• Low Woodwinds Ens
• High Woodwinds Ens

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