Black Octopus Sound – Ill-Esha Intonations (WAV)

Ill-esha arrives with ‘Intonations’, a truly innovative vocal pack for all styles of music!
Inside you will find a huge selection of high-quality complete basics of songs, phrases, vocal effects, tuned vocals, adlibs, atmosphere, tones, vocal drum hits, spoken words (DJ terms, world memes, human noises, common phrases, words, numbers and computer space ship ), and whey wave tables, and much more. All sounds are indicated by tempo and keys, and reference MIDI chords are provided to ensure the best user experience. Ill-Esha also included lyrics and other useful information on all aspects of her amazing work with Intonations.

12 Full Unreleased Songs as stems (wet & dry).
• 75 Ad Libs.
• 10 Atmospheres.
• 24 FX (Swells and Builds).
• 95 Loops (Chops, Glitches, FX).
• 289 Phrases (Harmony, Wordless, Wordy).
• 223 Spoken Words.
• 408 Tones (4 songs Broken into AH, MM, OH, OO all at different key).
• 122 Vocal Drum Hits (Cymbals, Foley, FX, Kicks, Grooves, Percussion, Snares).

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