Sonic Underworld – Repro-5 Atrea (SYNTH PRESET)

Repro-5 Atrea is a collection of 150 modern analog patches for the Repro synthesizer -5.
They are kinematic in nature, offering modern analog sounds in several categories. They are equally suitable for dark atmospheric and ambient tracks.
Repro-5 Atrea offers a lush, distant atmosphere, kinematic pads, deep and sharp basses, rhythmic impulses, unusual effects, inspirational keyboards and modern analog synthetic sounds.
These sounds are borrowed from various influential artists such as Melodysheep, Ulrich Schnauss, Air and Tangerine Dream and famous composers such as Tom Raybould, Anthony Gonzales, Joseph Trapanese and Wojciech Golczewki.
Many patches offer additional adaptability programmed in modwheel, and aftertouch and velosity are used to make these sounds come to life.

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