Soundiron – Whale Drum v2.0 (KONTAKT)

Whale Drum is a modern example of one of the oldest instrument families in the world: the slit drum. These ancestors of the family of “idiophones” were originally created in Africa thousands of years ago. Initially, they were carved from hollow logs or wooden blocks to produce percussive musical tones. This is one of the few tools that may precede the language itself. Over time, slot drums have been significantly improved to provide more accurate intonation and a wider range of keys. We chose our citalum for its marimbo-like warmth, dreamy tone, gentle soft round blow and slightly wavy attenuation. The lower notes have a particularly deep richness.

• Full 10×10 Round Robin
• Expressive dynamic layering
• Dry Whale Drum Mallets, Sticks, Brushes and Effects
• Wet Hall Whale Drum Mallets and Sticks
• Baby Whale Drum
• Toy Xylophone
• Sound-designed ambiences and atmospheric synth pads
• Stick and Brush PErcussion Effects

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