Rankin Audio – Jazz Hop Dreams (WAV)

Jazz Hop Dreams is a nostalgic journey into the warm, low-fi dusty sound of tapes and vinyl records of jazz sessions and neo-soul chords combined with rocking, heavy and eclectic beats. This library covers a wide range of jazz trip-hop bits with a downtempo neo-soul atmosphere. All of the samples in this collection are carefully crafted using vintage compression and saturation techniques to add this warm, nostalgic feel to classical recordings. Jazz Hop Dreams contains soulful jazz keyboards, vintage drums, double bass riffs, guitar tunes, vocal cuts and much more.

• 132 Drum And Percussion Loops
• 108 Melodic Loops
• 20 Ambience And Foley FX
• 15 Soundscape FX
• 21 Bass Loops
• 15 Vocal Loops
• 15 Bass Hits
• 65 Melodic Hits
• 15 Cymbals
• 20 Hi-Hats
• 20 Kicks
• 40 Percussion Hits
• 10 Shakers
• 20 Snares

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