United Plugins & Fire Sonic – FirePresser 1.1 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

secret to natural, but powerful sound is to use several compressors in sequence. FirePresser offers you the four most significant analog compressor emulations in a simple interface that makes it easy to mix them together and instantly apply juicy analog compression to any material in no time.
Based on many years of experience in the studio, FireSonic carefully selected a set of compressors with unique and expressive characteristics and turns these devices into one.
FirePresser’s Rainbow Pad gives you control over the amount of presence of each compressor in the chain. Drag only one parameter for best results. Quick, easy and creative.
Of course, the order of the compressors matters. But you can change it in a split second. Simply dragging and dropping compressor labels allows you to reorder and compare them as soon as possible.
Although the FirePresser effect is instantaneous, advanced users may want to use the detector. This gives you access to the advanced features of all the compressors involved at the same time.

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