Modartt – Pianoteq Portable 6.7.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX x86 x64

A set of virtual instruments using physical modeling technology.

Disadvantages of

sampled piano libraries Static: the sample contains static recordings of each note as it sounded at a certain point in time. In this case, the influence of vibration of other strings, the resonance of the body, the interaction of pedals, etc. is not taken into account.

Narrow focus: a sampled piano cannot change recorded samples and is usually suitable for a certain musical style . Discretization: a

sampled piano has several technical limitations, such as audible quantization noise and uneven tone change (from ppp to fff).

What makes Pianotek unique

Naturalness: The piano sound is created right during the game, taking into account all the complex factors that make the instrument sound alive.
You will have a feeling that this is a real piano .. and you can bend over it and touch the strings!

Versatility: In just a few seconds, you can customize the sound for a specific type of music or playing style. You can save your individual settings as presets and share them with other Pianoteca users.

Expressiveness: the timbre of sound changes continuously throughout the entire dynamic range, from the weakest pianissimo to the strongest fortissimo! What you play on the keyboard will also be what you really hear. The sound of even the faintest pianissimo is absolutely clear without the audible quantization noise.

Convenience: thanks to its rather modest system requirements, Pianotek is suitable for working on a modern laptop convenient for a traveling musician. Small size and fast interface, just a few mouse movements to start playing.

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