Puremagnetik – K-Station Atmospheres (KONTAKT)

Kawai K5000S was a revolutionary sound design workstation, released in 1996, and remains one of the most sophisticated additive synthesizers ever created. You can now have the K5000S part as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt or Logic Instrument.

K-Station Atmospheres was created using the K5000S performance, formant filter and additive capabilities. The supplied tools were designed as a set of modular, complex textures that can be applied, mixed and matched to your sound production environment. Whether you work as a film composer, sound designer or producer, you will find a huge collection of ideas for inspiration at K-Station Atmospheres.

The K-Station Atmospheres Ableton Live Pack includes over 30 separate patches. Just like the original, you can apply these individual patches in Multi for a huge sweep, textures and create an individual atmosphere. It comes with a Multis library to get you started.

K-Station Atmospheres for Kontakt includes a customizable 4-part atmosphere styling interface. You can select up to 4 source sounds, mix and transpose them to create the desired texture. The Kontakt version includes a library of over 20 pre-programmed tools so you can get started.

K-Station The atmosphere for logic includes a collection of track stacks and patches. All patches have been programmed using Smart Controls for easy editing and sound processing. With over 30 track stacks to get you started, Logic users can easily change EXS tools for modular mixing and style matching.

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