Impact Studios – The Inferno Bass (DI + PRO) (KONTAKT)

NFERNO BASS is a deep-sampling virtual bass instrument compatible with the full version of the Kontakt sampler.

The instrument is based on a very popular Canadian bass provided by one of the world’s leading instrument developers. We wanted to capture his rage and intensity. To do this, we spent an insane amount of time for each step of the process to meet the standards that the tool deserved. Result? A red-hot bass that ignites a fire right in the center of your mix.

DI (Direct In) – absolutely dry and clean bass signal; polished and ready for processing. Connect plug-ins or external equipment to it, as if you were using a real bass guitar, and mix whatever your heart desires.
PRO (Processed) uses proprietary Buster sound with separate mixable controls for the Sub, Clean, and Grit channels. Take a fully implemented bass and customize it to your mix, or load it into a songwriting project template with a natural tone with the click of a button.

• Badass UI
• Powerful Tone in Zero Time
• Down, Up and Alt-Picking Keyswitches
• Four mix-ready channels: Sub, Clean, Grit and DI
• Additional Functionality: 3-speed Slides and Dead Notes
• More than 4,000 Hand-Edited Samples
• Complains less than your actual bass player.

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