Keepforest – Risenge Pro (KONTAKT)

Keepforest proudly opens the next chapter of the company with a new library series – Risenge. This new library is a huge source of exciting dramatic ups and downs, and in combination with a collection of cinematic hits, the library will raise the tension and dynamics of your composition to a whole new level. Like all previous releases, the Keepforest Team has put its soul into Risenge’s sound design work, from recording source materials to the finished product, to ensure that music producers from around the world have at their disposal a top-quality cinematic sound library.

Keeping the best features of the AizerX engine, Keepforest has developed a completely new engine with a low CPU load for better performance, a minimalistic modern and streamlined design for a convenient workflow. Eight layer modules that can be easily randomized, combined, modified using an arsenal of more than 4,000 fully designer build-ups, kickbacks, bumps, drops, drops and layers, engines and motors, mechanisms, stuttering, orchestras, science fiction, horror, etc. etc., and the powerful easy-to-use sequencer will give you the ability to instantly create expressive cinematic rising tensions for the composition.


High-quality samples at 48kHz / 24bit
8 units for layers
Layers randomizing function
Easy-to-use sequencer
XY Pad, LFO, PAN functions
Minimalistic design
CPU-friendly for fast performance

Risenge Pro (Designed sounds & additional layers)

5 patches:
Layers & Hit
Rise & Hit
Suckback & Hit
Whoosh & Hit

Wav folder (4976 samples sorted in categories):

174 Full Rises
1195 Rise Layers
651 Full Suckbacks
1711 Suckback Layers
245 Hits
50 Drops
38 Buildups & Downfalls
158 Buildups & Downfalls stems
754 Resampled engine presets

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