Rigid Audio – Sodium (KONTAKT) – Drums

SODIUM – creative drum sequencer for KONTAKT 6.2.2. It features 200 inspiring modern factory kits.

It also comes with hundreds of drum sounds included. (You can also import your own WAV samples using drag and drop). SODIUM has four drum sequencers – each of them has four separate drum sounds and 32 steps (divided into two combinations of switchable keys). Each sequencer gives you control over speed, volume and panning, pitch, attenuation, (low-pass) filter, reverb, multi-fx, sample offset and flame.

Creativity is just one knob – type different preset pattern options for each sequencer using predefined knobs. Or completely mix the kit with one button. You can also “lock” a set as soon as you like the template, and easily replace it with percussion sounds from various preset sets. Multichannel routing is also available for further processing and mixing in your DAW.

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