ApulSoft – Bundle 2020.7 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

A set of plugins from ApulSoft.

apQualizr2 v2.2.4 is a multi-band equalizer with a built-in frequency analyzer and elements of a modular effects system. It includes graphical editing of top-notch filters and modular modulation of various filter parameters. It can be used for general EQ and can also create a variety of dynamic and modulation effects thanks to the dynamics and LFO modules.

apShaper v1.0.3 – plug-in audio insert effects for adding harmonic content to audio signals. It combines a wave shaper with three filter bands and various modulation options – two lfos, dynamics detector and user-configurable knobs.

apTrigga3 v3.5.4 – audio plug-in for playing audio samples based on trigger events generated from the input audio signal. It has advanced sample management capabilities and can record them from the incoming audio signal.

apUnmask v1.0.0 – sound plug-in for amplifying sound components that are psychoacoustically masked by other components. For this apUnmask uses parts of the high quality audio codec compression detector algorithm. The signal components that can be removed by compression are extracted. They usually cannot be heard as they are masked by louder components in time and frequency. apUnmask allows you to amplify and simulate masked content and add it to music.

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