Splice Sounds – Fear the Sounds Presents Fear the Voice ft. Devin Oliver (WAV)

Lead vocalist of the Billboard 200 I See Stars rock quartet, Devin Oliver has sold nearly a quarter of a million records worldwide, including the band’s last three records, and has spent nearly ten years playing at international festivals such as Soundwave Australia, Vans Warped Tour (USA). ) and Slam Dunk (UK).

A longtime Splice user himself, Oliver has created a pack that will be useful for producers on Splice. In it you will find many commercials and phrases, runs, one appeal and 150 bpm samples worthy of your attention. In addition, for the first time, Oliver offers access to the surrounding falsetto that helped him become a star. Get creative with them.

As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use Devin Oliver’s name, image, or image without Devin Oliver’s written permission.

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