Silence + Other Sounds – Zithergeist (KONTAKT)

A hybrid zither instrument.
Zithergeist is a Kontakt library based on non-traditional stringed instruments recorded in an unconventional way.
We have carefully sampled note by note of a number of atypical instruments such as mini-harps, mandolin of unknown origin, and even the Apulian zither, known as the “pasta guitar”, similar to the guitar instrument from the southern province of Apulia (Italy) traditionally used to squeeze pasta raw dough threads.
The recorded instruments feature a variety of articulations, from finger snapping to percussive and muffled effects obtained by experimenting with various metal objects applied to strings. What’s more, each individual note can be mixed with 4 different layers of cinematic sound effects, derived from the same instrument and “tuned” to the corresponding note. The result is a highly detailed versatile instrument (up to 13 velocities per note / articulation and 4 RRs); you can reproduce it as a realistic imitation of acoustic instruments and at the same time use it as a powerful and versatile instrument to create your own sound effects.
Zithergeist is a unique tool for cinematic composition: Whether you want to create minimalistic dark melodies or heavenly arpeggios, piercing high-frequency tones or emotional chord projections, cinematic buzz effects, melodies reminiscent of oriental or adrenaline-filled rhythmic sequences, Zithergeist offers you an arsenal of tools and editing options.
Zithergeist comes with an arpeggiator, string editor, sound effects editor and convolutional reverb with hundreds of impulse responses (IR) for further coloring and sound creation: with dozens of presets for each instrument, you can instantly get inspired and make your own presets on the fly.
This library also contains 3 Kontakt instruments based on synthetic string sounds, created using various physical modeling techniques to blur the line between the acoustic and digital realms and offer additional creative possibilities.
Zithergeist includes a separate set of instruments focused exclusively on cinematic sound effects, obtained by experimenting on original instruments with bows and homemade hammers (500+ SFX 96 kHz – 24 bit)

Playable Kontakt Instruments

Melody harp

Unknown mandolin

3 Synthetic strings Instruments

Cinematic SFX Kontakt Instruments

Broken Strings Drops

Hammered stingers

Apulian zither tones

Reverse Buildups

Bowed zither

Pings – Hi Pitch Tones

Source sounds


Convolution module

120+ IR samples


String editor

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