Milan Digital Audio – 1928 Mt. Carmel EM Skinner (HAUPTWERK)

Three manuals and a pedal, 52 registers.
Location – Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Chicago, Illinois.
A more detailed description of the organ (in English) is called from the program menu: Organ – Show organ information …

Copy and OrganDefinitions OrganInstallationPackages folder in Hauptwerk \ HauptwerkSampleSetsAndComponents folder,
or select the folder to download the distribution, to avoid copying

the amount of memory at startup in 24-bit quality – 4.5 GB

addition to the original, this semplset exists in the extended version of Skinner Mo- Mm, which added release samples for short and medium sounds from a third-party developer.
(With two options for reverb settings. Affect not on its duration or wetness, but on the sharpness of the early reflection)

To download this version, you need to download an additional package and unpack it in the folder: Hauptwerk \ HauptwerkSampleSetsAndComponents
Full Quality Download for Skinner Mo-Mm (7.5GB Memory)

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