OverTone DSP – Plugin Bundle 10/04/2020 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX.LINUX x86 x64

A PC Running Windows 7/8 (64Bit) and a VST compatible host application.
Requires Mac OS X v.10.7 or later (32 or 64Bit).
An AudioUnit or VST compatible host application.
A 32 or 64Bit – X11 compatible linux distribution eg Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running a linuxVST compatible host application and / or the JACK audio server.
Size: 56.9 MB

A set of plugins.

DYN500 v3.0.0 – Flexible cantilever duct compressor with analog warmth and character.
The DYN500 plug-in simulates all the best qualities of a professional channel compressor, boosting dynamics without killing the natural sound of your mix or performance. Styled as a 500 Series module, the DYN500 provides soft knee compression combined with soft tape saturation for warmth and character at high signal levels.
The DYN500 can be used in mono or stereo channels, providing professional console grade processing with efficient use of CPU and system resources. More efficient use of CPU resources allows more plug-ins to be used in a typical audio workstation project.

EQ500 v3.0.0 – The EQ500 plug-in emulates all the desirable qualities of a professional analog EQ channel, while the elegantly simple design makes adding texture and color – or taming problematic frequencies – as intuitive and instinctive.
Designed as a virtual 500-series module, the EQ500 uses innovative analog filter modeling to open up the response and faithfully reproduce more natural-sounding analog designs, without additional latency or high processor demand. More efficient use of CPU and system resources allows for more plug-in cases in a typical audio workstation project.

FC70 v3.0.0 is an emulation of the legendary Fairchild 670 limiter, embodying the smooth and simple dynamics control and special musical character of the original device. The plugin is based on measured data and hardware device diagrams, using an innovative topology that reflects the original analog design.

PTC-2A v3.0.2 is a plugin that emulates one of the most requested equalizers, inspired by the classic Pultec hardware equalizers and simulated using real hardware circuits and developed using the linuxDSP algorithm.

PTM-5A v3.0.2 – Emulating the classic vintage Pultec MEQ-5 mid-range EQ, the PTM-5A emulates the characteristic sound of the original filter, providing this versatile equalizer with the ability to subtly amplify audio or add a more obvious mid-range sound to help a mix element stand out …

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