Sample Magic – Chill-Fi (WAV)

Rough, durable and Raw – Chill-Fi combines the best of the bedroom, lo-fi instructional music, and band chillout to present a comprehensive collection of beats and samples. From dusty drums, cassette keys to tape melody, designed for the progressive minded producer too. Chill-Fi offers an assortment of artfully crafted loops, music kits, melodic monoblocks and a variety of percussion beats to deliver a treasure trove of sounds guaranteed to inspire.

Chill-Fi is the result of a true labor of love, fueled by a variety of reel-to-reel, tape decks, samplers, analog kits and organic instruments. The collection is based on the constant use of cassette and magnetic tape for proper dust, heat and round acoustics. Chill-Fi explores early boom-bap and modern hip-hop lo-fi production techniques, sound design and processing, offering a wide variety of sounds full of endless inspiration.

• 205 LOOPS

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