Splice Sounds – Paperwhite Presents: The Feels (WAV, SERUM)

The aroma of the sacred Chinese lily can be described as “sweet but with a little spice.” The sacred lily is also called paperwhite, namesake of the Brooklyn dan-pop duo Paperwhite. Like a flower scent, Paperwhite brings a touch of sweetness and piquancy to their sound – contrast Katie Marshall’s beautiful, heavy reverb vocal performance with her brother Ben’s harsh, complex staging and programming of drums. The combination of unearthly sound design with an innate sense of pop songwriting and enchanting melodies has resulted in tens of millions of Soundcloud and Spotify streams for the band, as well as many coveted Spotify New Music Friday selections. Now Paperwhite splits its sound into a new sample pack for Splice. Get inspired by over 100 vocal samples, professionally recorded with a huge variety – use their distinctive vocals, as well as melodic phrases, riffs and effects to your liking. If that wasn’t enough, take on their unique drum programming and percussion sounds to surpass your productions. Add a touch of sweetness and a touch of spice, and bring dreaminess to your pop with the indelible Paperwhite sample set.


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