[Cinematic Composing] Symphonic Virtual Orchestration

A complete guide to creating orchestral mockups.
Orchestrate, mix and refine your music with confidence. Create professional orchestral mockups.
Become effective composers. Come up with musical ideas and quickly bring them to life with samples, without the hesitation of “what sample-must-be-loaded-in-order-to-sound-realistic?” … even if you start from scratch.
Learn synthesis techniques that will make your samples look like a real orchestra. Create your perfect orchestral template to keep you creative and efficiently create orchestral layouts. Explore mixing techniques that apply to orchestral music to make your music crisp and clear, especially for those trailers, epic arrangements where you want punchy, solid, cinematic sound.
Finally, discover the mastering tools that really influence orchestral arrangements. Create an efficient mastering chain so your orchestral music plays well on any playback system.
The system behind this course has been refined over the past 9 years, since I started using orchestral samples.
You will learn specific steps and precise professional techniques, such as how to select the correct patches and mix samples.
You will not only know what you are doing, but you will also know exactly HOW to do it. This is your practical guide.
As a bonus, you will receive one additional one-to-one coaching with a Class A film or video game composer living in Hollywood and active in the industry.

Module 1. Welcome
Module 2. Synthestration. Tactics for a good sound
Module 3. Using Templates to Boost Productivity
Module 4. Part 1: Arranging for Samples, Techniques Compilation
Module 5. Part 2: Arranging for Samples, Techniques Compilation
Module 6. Mixing (1). Secrets of the Pros
Module 7. Mixing (2). Secrets of the Pros
Module 8. Mixing (3). Expanding Mixing Depth
Module 9. Mastering
Module 10. Composing Workflow: Efficiency
Module 11. Bonus # 1: Class A Composers’ Systems, Explained
Module 12. Bonus # 2: Case Studios, Behind the Scenes (PRO Version)
Pro Expert
Module 13. Bonus # 3: Studio Ergonomics (PRO Version)
Pro Expert

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